kickstart real-time immersion.

designed to empower you and your craft.

Leverage the power of a decentralized pixel-streaming network to deliver unforgettable moments to your loyal fans.
trusted by:
unrestricted creativity.

the future is open.

From immersive catwalks to virtual events. You set the narrative.

deliver anything.

Build no-code multiplayer experiences in UE5, directly accessible from any location (app/site/platform) across every device.

integrate anything.

From real-time data, AI, digital twins, custom triggers, ecommerce, platforms and blockchain to live motion capture devices.

own everything.

All assets and analytics remain in control of the IP owner, from 3D items, worlds and data streams to managing delivery channels.
maximize your reach.

broadcast your interactive and immersive content to any destination and device.

We want your fans to engage with your immersive content anywhere. From your Chromecast to video services or Marketplaces such as Magic Eden.
hours of streaming
per month.
  • 1 lumen/nanite PROJECT
  • 3% streaming cashback
  • 75 gb MAX package size
  • 150+ player shards
  • 10.000 sessions
near-zero costs pixel-streaming.

let us know if you can find a better deal.

We are here to debunk the myth that pixel streaming is expensive. By leveraging a decentralized pixel streaming infrastructure (DePIN) of idle gaming machines we achieve near-zero-pixel streaming costs and global availability of low-latency machines.

ship from project to stream

Craft, manage and deliver your immersive experiences to your site or any 3rd channel and broadcaster.
Create experiences with the UE5 SDK.
✔ Integrate data feeds and triggers.
✔ Integrate Web3, modes & analytics.
Manage your immersive content online.
✔ Monitor your engagement at runtime.
✔ Control real-time events and triggers.
Stream from any channel to any device.
✔ Deploy to our distribution partners.
✔ Drive engagement to your channels.
Dashboard mockup

brand & product placement.

After you designed your perfect experience, you may want to start monetizing it. Integrate product placement into your story and YOM will automatically handle tracking product interactions and engagement.

develop new media formats.

Since we easily integrate with any video broadcaster on request, feel free to design a format of an interactive live tv game show and connect us with your distribution partner.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

launch your digital collections.

We provide unique tooling to build multi-chain Web3 solutions inside of your metaverses. This enables you to showcase and gamify your collections and spread them beyond your own metaverse into all others!
25+ studios joined.

accelerator program

Are you a studio proficient with Unreal Engine or are you a Web3 project showcasing or gamifying your virtual collections? We want you. Join now to claim grants, new projects and technical support.