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@ maximum graphics @ 93% lower costs @ any destination
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transforming idle gaming rigs into eco-friendly power houses.

Our decentralized cloud gaming infrastructure / DePIN offers compute via gamers' idle gaming machines at 93% higher efficiency.
Stream quality and cost-effective (multiplayer) experiences, instantly accessible from the browser to any platform and device.
Leverage idle gaming machines rather than costly data centers for a greener and eco-friendly future.
End-to-end deployment and streaming pipelines to shorten go-live times and ease development cycles by 80% to 99%.
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frequently asked questions

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What is YOM's approach to sustainable computing?
Our mission is to harness idle gaming systems worldwide, transforming them into an eco-friendly distributed cloud network, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional data centers.
Can I access YOM services without a Web3 wallet?
Yes, we provide flexible access options. While a Web3 wallet can enhance the metaverse, it's not mandatory for accessing them.
How does YOM provide affordable pixel-streaming?
Our peer-to-peer network ensures for better scaling of resources without overhead and sacrificing performance.
I want my own metaverse on my own site.
Absolutely. Any metaverse deployed with YOM is entirely white label and designed for seamless integration into any platform, including your website.
How does YOM assist Web3 projects and studios?
Aside from the network, take a look at our accelerator program for Web3 projects and studios. We provide support and grants to promising projects.
Unreal Engine or Unity?
UE5 offers solutions to markets beyond gaming. It is for this reason we only support Unreal Engine projects.