eat. sleep. earn. repeat.

we create passive incomes for gamers.

In the not-so-far-away future, AI and Metaverse will reduce all labor to GPU compute. It is therefore paramount that we democratize and decentralize ownership of these resources.
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globally scalable cloud gaming

distribution mechanism

YOM's Decentralized Pixel-streaming Infrastructure Network (DePIN) will earn you passive incomes by your idle gaming PC  work.

60% node rewards

You directly earn $YOM priced at $0.05 per player you can render and stream. Powerful machines can stream to more concurrent connections.

5% creator cashback

In order to accelerate demand for resources, a cashback is reserved for studios and creators who deploy their client projects on the network.

35% network fee

The network needs to be maintained and optimized. It is therefore only fair that we reserve 35% margins for those that maintain it.
how to setup.

Alpha Program

Sign up for our alpha testing program. Gamers active in our community will be invited to start earning first.
The more connections, the more you earn.
Top nodes can handle up to 8 connections.
Node selection is determined by latency & stake.

install the client

Install our node client on your Windows PC and connect your public wallet.

start hosting streams

Your gaming machine will install popular experiences nearby and will start to stream player session headless.

earn $YOM rewards

Sign in to our dashboard to see an overview of your collected rewards and collect them.

build reputation

Keep your rewards in your node to accelerate the %APY of your XP leading to priority access to handle new connections.

tell your friends

To receive additional rewards in your node.
a solana native network

other network features

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we like burning tokens

Every time you claim some your rewards from the node we take a small fixed fee that we burn from the total supply. Poor quality nodes that disconnect without network consent get penalized by having some stake and XP burned. Bad actors lose - everybody profits.

acquire community perks

We mentioned XP before. The more XP you have, the higher your community reputation. Top-tier ranked members receive free drops, network voting rights, and other perks from our partner network.

Additionally, high XP nodes signal reliability to the network and therefore get priority access during node selection for new connections.
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join our grid of 350+ nodes

start earning by sharing

Earn 5-20x higher rewards compared to mining PoW blockchains.
frequently asked questions

learn more about our network

What makes YOM's cloud gaming infrastructure unique?
YOM's infrastructure is revolutionized with AI-powered streaming optimization, offering low-latency, high-quality gaming experiences across devices. Our peer-to-peer network enhances speed, reduces carbon footprint, and provides significant rewards for contributors, making it a next-gen solution in cloud gaming.
How does YOM empower brands and NFT collections?
Becoming a node is straightforward. Start by converting your high-performance gaming PC into a beacon capable of hosting immersive streams. Sign up on our platform, follow the setup instructions, and you're ready to start earning rewards for your contributions.
What are the rewards for being a beacon on YOM's network?
Nodes earn $YOM tokens as rewards based on the number of concurrent streams they host. The rewards are calculated based on streaming efficiency versus electricity costs, with potential passive earnings of up to $300 per month for top-tier nodes.
Can I earn more by optimizing my beacon setup?
Yes, optimizing your setup can significantly increase your rewards. By balancing performance with electricity costs and supporting more concurrent connections, more powerful PCs can earn more. Continuously scaling up operations by adding more connections can also maximize earnings.
How does AI-powered streaming optimization work?
Our AI algorithms dynamically upscale streaming output to ensure low-latency and high-resolution gameplay across various devices.